King’s School of Ministry is an extension of the vision of King’s Cathedral and Chapels. This vision for a ministry training school was born through prayer in the heart of Dr. James Marocco, Senior Pastor of King’s Cathedral. The plan was to provide, at the local church level, quality in class, and practical hands-on ministry training for individuals who feel called to serve the Lord in various ways.


We exist to propel forward the vision of King’s Cathedral and Chapels by developing, equipping, and launching world influencers in church ministry, para-church Ministry, and marketplace ministry.


Our vision for each individual student is to have a great opportunity to fulfill the call of God upon their lives. Through prayer, service, study, application and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, each student will come to understand the full meaning of Ephesians 4:1..... to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God. The investment in KSM will produce an anointing and tools to open doors to advance the kingdom of God.

Our Format

KSM is a two-year program beginning in early September of each year, and therefore requires a two-year commitment from potential students. Students of KSM receive in-class teaching and impartation once a week in a fall and spring semester, higher education format. This education is both knowledge-based and practical application. Courses taught include but are not limited to Character Development, Prayer, The Holy Spirit and the Believer, Holiness, Financial Integrity, Evangelism, Sermon Preparation and Delivery, and Spiritual Warfare.

Students are also enrolled in one of three higher education tracks to pursue an AA degree, a BA degree, or Ministerial Credential qualifications. These higher education institutions are Northwest University, Global University, and Berean School of the Bible.

Lastly, students of KSM gain practical experience by serving as interns in the various ministries of King’s Chapel Wasilla